It covers my expression of the tragic story of postcolonialism as witnessed as a victim in the diaspora; America, in regards to migration and the effects it has on Africans as they face a certain struggle and carry a weight of hardship and survival in the terrible system of America.

The clouds play a major role in my narrative as it is the approach in my process before any other subject is being done, the clouds create the emotion, it expresses/depicts the type of situation, the problem I’m trying to depict, thereby capturing the attention of the viewer, leaving them curious about the other subjects of my narrative.

(the clouds Represent feelings/emotions/time, in other words, the clouds themselves speak)
postcolonialism was one of the major ways through which Africans lost their “negritude” and are major themes in my work as I used my mixed media technique which plays along with aesthetics and social commentary to highlight these tragic issues, The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers and exploring it economically.

colonialism in the African continent was a crime, it was a quest to exploit the African continent of its wealth, countries like England, France, Spain, and Portugal established colonies.


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