I’m creating a new world on my canvas, a world where I tell striking issues and narratives regarding the African society, my art is sort of activism against colonialism, slavery, migration as these are causes of the crisis in every aspect which Africans all over the world face.

The clouds play a major role in my narrative as it is the approach in my process before any other subject is being done, the clouds create the emotion, it expresses or depicts the type of situation/problem I’m trying to depict, thereby capturing the attention of the viewer, leaving them curious about the other subjects of my narrative.

(the clouds Represent feelings/emotions/time, in other words, the clouds themselves speak)
This piece is inspired by Nostalgia, nostalgia is a major theme in my work and however, a spiritual manifestation of vision put together to create a narrative; these manifestations are highly related to the people of the African continent and appears rather “strange” to people in the diaspora; thereby leaving the viewer curious and with a wistful affection to wanting to know more about my narrative.

Identity crisis is a major theme in my work; a period of uncertainty and confusion in a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. “identity crisis is part of the reparation of slavery and colonialism”.

colonialism also play a major theme in this narrative, This was a means through which Africans lost their “negritude” and are major themes in my work as I used my mixed media technique which plays along with aesthetics and social commentary to highlight these tragic issues.


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